hot tubOlder Spas

Spa Fixers also specializes in the repair of much older spas. Older systems can require a little more finesse since as spa parts age they can become brittle and break on the slightest touch. We do take pride in being careful while working on these "old timers" so as not to create any unnecessary repairs or added costs to you. We can also find those hard to get parts for you which will keep costs lower to fix your existing hot tub. Upgrades or brand new equipment packs are now offered at a very affordable price and can keep your older spa going for years to come. This is mostly due to discontinued parts and/or the original parts, even though still available, that are extremely expensive to purchase. This is compared to the cost of just upgrading to brand new equipment. Did you know most equipment packs, which includes circuit board, heater and new control digital panel,all in a new housing either in plastic or aluminum are only around $400? It takes most of the time only 2-4 hours to get spa up and running again. Why buy a new spa when the old one can be repaired?

Service Calls

Most common service calls should take only 1-2 hours. You don't even need to be at your home for any repairs but if you are I am more than happy to discuss and educate you on your spa. Whether new from a local dealership or maybe you just picked up your first spa used and need a little advice on how to operate it, I love talking about spas with anyone. A lot of problems can be easily addressed over the phone to eliminate any travel fees. Phone calls and time on phone are always free. This is why we quiz you on your spa when you first call. We want to make sure we have necessary parts needed to repair the first time there. Dirty filters are a leading cause to most "flow" related issues on your spa and if not cleaned regularly can lead to disabling heater functions. Filters can be taken out to solve many of the trouble codes on your display panel. Many companies will charge to pull out filters but we won't.

Spa Life

Typically most better built spas should last about 10 years before ever needing a repair person to look at it. In that 10th year time frame you may feel "nickel and dimed" a little but after that repair period you should have equally about the same time frame before the next round of repairs. Spas can last 30+ years but typically 20 years is the time in which they will either get replaced replaced, sold or discarded. Poor chemical balance or improper chemicals is the leading cause to most system failures. NEVER use CHLORINE TABLETS (sodium TRI-chlor) for any reason in your spa !!! This can damage components within 6 months of using. Only use chlorine granules (sodium DI-chlor) and proper amount as listed on the back of the bottle. Bromine tablets can also be used if you prefer instead of chlorine.

Swim SpaSwim Spas

Swim spas have been and still are the popular choice now in the spa industry even with the higher price tags. From the standard swim jet style to the better performing and more intricate propulsion style units, we fix them all. Again, we carry and have in stock all the propellers, belts, bearings and drive units in stock. When you spend upwards of $45,000 on a swimmer you really need a professional to handle your repairs to protect your investment. Please keep in mind that in you have one of these "swimmers" in a vault, sunk into the ground or deck that if you cant get in and around area then a repairman won't be able to either. Years of experience allows us to find economical ways to do repairs in these types of situations.


TV and stereo spas are extremely popular also. Most are now are bluetooth capable which means no more units out in the sun and weather. All components now are tucked away nicely inside the spa cabinet. Spa Fixers has an outstanding relationship with all the spa mfgs that build these types of spas, and have for many years. This then it makes getting any necessary parts easy for all of your audio/visual needs. Most spa mfgs that build these units do keep up on availability of parts or at least the retrofit kits needed to repair using more up to date equipment. Most stereos that do not function anylonger have a very easy and simple fix called a power supply. This unit converts 120VAC to 12VDC and when it fails it gives the appearance to the spa owner the expensive stereo unit has failed. When in fact the stereo itself just has no power being supplied to it.


Leakers are spas no longer holding water due to a number of reasons. Faulty pump seals usually caused by improper use of chemicals. Rodents (more common than you think) that have chewed threw the plumbing lines and possibly flex pipe which has shrunk and split. Leaks detected in equipment area are usually an easy fix. Internal plumbing that has developed leaks not nearly as easy but more common when rodents have got inside cabinet. We can fix any of your leaking areas of your hot tub. Again most companies won't even try and fix. Very labor intensive yes but they usually don't have access to the wide range of parts needed to do the repairs cost effective for the consumer. We can even refoam, if needed, all the insulation taken out of spa to find and do the repair.